WHAT Happened in the tent

Roel Nollet // Majd Khalifeh // 2018 // 60 min


'What Happened in the Tent', is an 'acrobatic' tale told by documentary makers Majd Khalifeh and Roel Nollet, in which they search for the inner power of circus: its ability to connect people across borders. An exchange project between two circus schools - one at the Palestinian West Bank, the other one in Molenbeek in Belgium - brings two groups of youngsters from vulnerable backgrounds together. Each group has its own story about the way they are perceived by others, but they try to bend the negativity, the violence and the discrimination they are confronted with, into a constructive project. They discover art can be an effective and alternative way of resistance. 'What Happened in the Tent' is a question and a statement at the same time. The moment they enter the circus, their world changes. Circus doesn't only mean movements and tricks to them, but a way to deal with the challenges they face in the environment they live in.





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"I watched it, and I absolutely adored it! Sometimes I just didn't know if I was in Birzeit or in Molenbeek, in Jaffa or Ostend, or who spoke which language where. This is a dream start for our festival. We are very proud that we can HOST your premiere!"

/// Hildegard De Vuyst - Under Construction Festival /// dramaturg les ballets C de la B /// festival de marseille