is a FREELANCE JOURNALIST AND DOCUMENTARY MAKER based in Antwerp, Belgium. Driven, independent and stubborn. Constantly puzzling and connecting pieces into ‘not just another’ breaking news item or documentary. Eyes opened wide. Shoots his own material. Edits it too. Loves to do that.

RAISED IN a small town called Broechem. Has two sisters. Learned how to play the saxophone, the guitar and the drums. Former president of the local youth movement.

ADDICTED TO music. Loves the adrenaline of rock climbing and running, and the rush for the deadline. Got to have the thrills.

MIND FULL OF adequate nonsense. Eager to create.

STORYTELLER. Most likely in good company. Does the trick with a camera too.

Studied PHILOSOPHY. Wrote a thesis about ‘Desire for the Uncontrollable’, concerning Nietzsche, Freud and Hume.

Took a postgraduating year in JOURNALISM in Brussels and goes out every day since to do reporting work for television.

WORKED ALSO AS a mentor for asylum seekers in a center owned by the Red Cross. Socially committed. Believes in Climate Change. Act Now Please.

HAD HIS WORK BROADCASTED ON broadcasting stations and in theaters worldwide.

Roel founded REDHORSE in 2009, when he returned from shooting a documentary about political killings and disappearances in the Philippines, called TAXI FILIPPINO. This documentary was nominated for the ‘Concentra Award’, an international Award for ‘Outstanding videojournalism’.

As ‘CHIEF REDHORSE‘, Roel is constantly looking for new and inspiring cooperations with fellow documentary makers, photographers and journalists.