Roel Nollet // 2014 // 72 min


Nathan Verhelst, a 44 year old man from Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, demanded and received euthanasia after several failed gender operations. Nathan's backpack of life was filled with rejection and incest. Thinking of himself as a freak, he couldn't find peace as a woman nor as a man. Three doctors decided that his life quality wasn't guaranteed anymore and gave Nathan permission for euthanasia. After trying to convince him not to do it, his friends start to support him in his choice. Hoping he would feel loved again, and would find a reason to live. But Nathan didn't change his mind. "I'm certain", he said, "for the full 300 procent". He went. Dancing. The lethal injection was given at the University Hospital in Brussels. Nathan suffered from unbearable psychic ànd physical pain. I started following Nathan with my camera three years ago and documented how 'Nancy' became 'Nathan'. Little did I know the story would end this way. Among his friends, I stood beside his bed, to watch him find his freedom. The next day Nathan's story was in every newspaper in the world. Just like he wanted. This is the trailer of the documentary I'm making. About life, death, gender, identity and the quest for being loved. This connects us all. Please share. 'Nathan' is touring the world now on documentary festivals. Here is your chance on a sneak preview of the full documentary. Please spread the word. Check out Like our facebookpage