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is an investigative journalist, writer and documentary maker with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa, who mainly works for national television in Belgium.

Majd masters four languages and regularly appears on the screen to talk about the Syrian conflict, terror organizations and the refugee crisis, and gets invited by numerous media institutions in Europe to educate journalists about verification methods on social media, fighting fake news.

Before his time in Belgium, Majd lived all over the Middle East as a stateless Palestinian. He fled to Europe when the Assad regime wanted him to serve in the Syrian army. He made a documentary about his story and was honored as the Youth Ambassador for Peace by Pax Christi, as he devotes his work to promote peace and mutual dialogue between cultures.

Recently Majd wrote the book 'Herboren' (Reborn), in which he inspires asylum seekers through his own story to become true participants in Western society. 'Herboren' won the Belgian Liberales Book Prize of 2017.