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Today, Wednesday 3 May is World Press Freedom Day. We at The Redhorse Collective have chosen this date carefully to launch our new website, because, yes, we live in critical times for critical minds. We are convinced that a free press advances peace and justice for all. It's the barometer for human rights. And it's under enormous pressure.

So this website is a statement. We changed our name and our logo too. It's how we renew our promise to make independent and cooperative reports and documentaries. The Redhorse Collective wants to be the voice of the voiceless. We go to remote places, to document stories that need to be told. We'll keep doing that. And we want to do it together with you. Because independent but together, we'll encourage each other to greatness.  

Do you want to be a Redhorse Rider? Do you have a good documentary proposal? Saddle your horses and #ridewithus!


This website is work in progress. Let us know what you think! That would be nice. We have exciting plans coming up. We'll share them with you soon!